Audition Files

The final step in the audition process for Atlanta Vocal Project is the Quartet Audition. This consists of singing our audition song, currently Strike Up The Band, in a quartet for a few members of our music team. This will typically occur right before rehearsal, right after rehearsal, or during the break. Links for the music and learning files for this song are on this page.

The best way to download these files to your computer is to right click on the link below that starts with the word "Download". Among the options that are displayed when you right click will be "Save Target As" or something similar. Selecting this option will bring up a dialogue box for saving the file onto your computer. Choose a location and click Save. The file will download to your computer.

Audition Sheet Music
Download StrikeUpTheBand.pdf

Audition Learning Files
Download Four Part Equal Mix File
Download Tenor Predominant File
Download Lead Predominant File
Download Baritone Predominant File
Download Bass Predominant File
The learning files are in MP3 format.