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Guest Information

Below is some very general information for anyone interested in visiting or auditioning for membership in Atlanta Vocal Project. If you have any questions about the process, talk to our Membership VP at rehearsal or call 404-941-6385 and leave a message. Someone from the membership team will give you a call back.

The Atlanta Vocal Project rehearses every Thursday evening from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Any temporary changes to this schedule are noted in the calendar. Here is a map to our rehearsal location.

We try to ensure that each active member has the opportunity to improve musically each and every week. The rehearsal format described below is designed to accomplish this. This format is typical, and the specifics will sometimes be varied depending upon the time of year and the performances or contests we may be preparing for.

Each new guest will be assigned a shadow. Your shadow is an active chorus member who sings your voice part who can help answer questions about music, procedures, where to go for what stuff, state capitals, etc. OK, no state capitals; for that you're pretty much on your own.

We start each rehearsal with a focus session. We expect each member to vocally prepare for rehearsal (in other words, warm-up on the way to rehearsal). To start each rehearsal then, we will spend some time focusing our individual voices into an ensemble sound, and making sure we are all mentally focused on the techniques and sound required to accomplish this. Part of this focus session will also include vocal craft and techniques. Guests are welcome and encouraged to participate in this block of rehearsal.

At some times during the rest of rehearsal, guests may be asked to sit and watch. We will occasionally do this when there is a specific need for the active chorus to refine the performance of songs we know well. However, most of the time, guests are welcome to sing all of our songs and to learn new songs along with us.

Pre-audition: The pre-audition can occur very simply by a guest requesting it, which can be done as early as your 2nd rehearsal. During the pre-audition, a music team member will stand near you while you sing with the chorus and listen to you sing. Following rehearsal, your "listener" will either:

  • Suggest some things for you to focus on before you audition. In this case, feel free to request further help or clarification! You are strongly encouraged to work on these things, and then return for another pre-audition within 2 weeks.

  • Invite you to audition! In this case, you will be able to take the skills portion of the audition as soon as the very next week.

Skills Test: If this is at least your 3rd rehearsal, and if you previously passed the pre-audition, a music team member can give you the skills portion of our audition (about 20 minutes long).

Quartet Audition: Once you have successfully passed the Skills Test, you are then asked to prepare for the quartet audition. This consists of singing our audition song in a quartet for a few members of our music team. Singing the part you wish to sing within the chorus, you will be accompanied by the section leaders of the other 3 parts. You must sing the song from memory. You'll sing the song once. We will give you our initial assessment that might include a small amount of coaching. Then we'll have you sing the song a 2nd time. The quartet audition will typically occur right before rehearsal, right after rehearsal, or during a break. Music and learning files for this song can be found here.

Any necessary announcements will be made at the end of rehearsal, although we attempt to communicate as much information as possible through email and through our web site. The last few minutes of rehearsal will typically include some "for the good of the chapter" comments from active chorus members regarding rehearsal, current or future activities, etc.

Audition Summary

  1. Pre-audition: Requested by you (talk to our membership team) as early as your 2nd consecutive visit.

  2. Skills Test: Following a successful pre-audition, you will be invited to take the skills portion of the audition. The skills audition will typically be done during rehearsal.

  3. Quartet audition: Following successful completion of the skills test, you will be invited to take the quartet audition. Music and learning files for this song can be found here. After successful completion of this ‐ Congratulations! You're welcome to become a member of the Atlanta Vocal Project!


If you would like more information about the activities described on this page, please send an email to [email protected]