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Under the direction of Clay Hine since 2005, Atlanta Vocal Project is an award winning Atlanta metro men's a cappella chorus of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Our vision is to enrich lives in every generation in our surrounding communities with performances, music education, school system programs, and community activities through the lifelong benefits of a cappella harmony singing. In BHS competition, the chorus has finished in the top 10 internationally multiple times, and has won our district contest six times.

We love singing anywhere for anyone and treasure the rich fellowship afforded by barbershop singing. We're always open to new singers and new performance requests. Visit one of weekly open rehearsals (Thursdays at 7PM), or contact us for more info and help us in our ongoing mission of spreading harmony. See our Join Us page to learn more!

If you're looking to hire musical entertainment for your organization or event, we can provide music for nearly any occasion, from 4-singer quartets to a full chorus of over 30 members, certain to make it a memorable, impactful day with professional musicianship.

What's New With AVP:

The chorus enjoyed quite a remarkable year in 2023, including a fun summer show featuring FRED quartet, a special performance at BHS Midwinter combined with Tampa's Heralds of Harmony chorus, our sixth district chorus championship, and singing locally at schools, conventions, sporting events, arts festivals, and choral concerts. But certainly the most memorable experience was combining again with the Heralds of Harmony to compete at BHS International and winning 3rd place in the world! It was certainly something we'll never forget. Watch our medalist performance by clicking here.

As amazing as last year turned out, 2024 looks to be our most incredible year yet. AVP has been invited to perform in Normandy, France in June 2024 in honor of the 80th anniversary of D-Day as part of the official parade and commemorations. It'll be an experience of a lifetime as we embark on a 7-day tour of several historic locations including Paris, Normandy, and Brittany and sing for thousands of event guests as well as heads of state from around the world. If you'd like to join us on this trip or help support us financially to send as many singers as possible, click here for details. And after our European travels, we'll return to the States to reprise our AVP+HOH collaboration as we compete again at BHS International to bring home more chorus medals! Add to that Singing Valentines, a Spring show back in Roswell, and of course next year's Christmas show, and we've got quite the rewarding year ahead.

Chapter Info:

Atlanta Vocal Project was formed in 2005 as the Atlanta Metro Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, a Georgia 501(C)(3) Corporation. We sing four part a cappella harmony, mainly in the style of the close harmony sung by barbershop quartets. Comprised of men ranging in ages from high school to retirees and coming from all walks of life, we welcome any who have a love of singing and who take pride in performing.

The chapter has adopted an enthusiastic program that includes music education, participation in Society competitions, youth outreach, and service to community. Along with an internal focus on a healthy chapter life, we are also focused on making a positive impact within our community and partaking in the many benefits the Society has to offer.

We provide a meaningful music program with music team leadership that makes sure we are all working toward the same goal of musical excellence. Small group and even one-on-one vocal lessons by our director and music team help each member become more comfortable in singing and improve the ensemble sound. 

Over the years, Atlanta Vocal Project has entertained appreciative audiences at many Atlanta area venues. We have been asked to sing for state and national dignitaries at the Governor's Mansion, as well as Braves games, corporate luncheons, school functions, birthday parties, Disney World, and everything in between. The chorus has also performed and competed across the US and even Canada.

The future of AVP is bright, continuing the chapter's proud tradition of pursuing musical excellence and continuous improvement, all while keeping the Society's spirit of Brotherhood, Family, and Harmony alive and thriving!

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Charlotte, July 2022


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If you would like more information about our activities, please send an email to [email protected] or call 404-941-6385.

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